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Our Services

Internet-based mental health counseling, Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT), and cyber health care have grown in interest during the last decade with the introduction of social media and improved web-based communication platforms. The Institute for Cyber Social Work can offer a variety of Information and Communication Technology services tailored to the individual needs of your organization. To explore your individual needs with a member of our staff, please call us at (248) 291-SWRK (7975) or simply visit the Contact Us page and submit a message.

Our Services include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Continuing Education Training Workshops targeting social workers, mental health practitioners, and medical care personnel focused on benefits of Virtual Reality Therapy, Cyber-Counseling, and technology tools/Apps to enhance service delivery

2. Agency/Organizational specific Educational Programs focused on staff responsible use of technology and social media

3. Development of organizational Social Media Policies and Client Contract Policies (designed to communicate clear

    guidelines/expectations governing organizational staff and consumers use of social media related to the organization)

4. Consultation to private practitioners interested in Cyber Social Work practice/ethical challenges 

5. Partnerships with area Community Youth Organizations and Parent Groups; we offer After School Virtual Programming

   (group activities, support groups, virtual counseling, etc.)

6. Virtual Internship opportunities for qualified BSW and MSW students from CSWE accredited programs

7. Consultation services to health care organizations (strategies to reduce service delivery costs by improving worker

    efficiency through cyber-based tools/treatment modalities, interactive virtual counseling, and online support groups with

    appropriate segments of the population)

8. Partnership with home-based service providers/organizations to provide education/training on cyber-based initiatives

    designed to enhance aging population independence, external medication compliance/safety monitoring of those in private

    residences, and basic in-home care supplemented by technology

9. Refer trained contract Cyber Social Workers to human service organizations, mental health providers, and medical

    care facilities. The Institute for Cyber Social Work will charge a contract placement fee to refer qualified Cyber Social Work

    staff to interested service providers

10. Digital detoxification counseling and services, and Digital Blackout Programming for children and youth


Professional Affiliations

* Michigan Chapter of the American Council on Education

* National Association of Social Workers, Michigan Chapter

Project Rebuild Mentoring Program

* Council on Social Work Education