Campus Life Greetings

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Our Greeting Cards

The Institute for Cyber Social Work offers specialized greeting cards appropriate for k-12 and higher education communities, including teachers/professors, administrators, students and staff. Our unique greeting cards make crafting the perfect message easier. Would you like to say happy birthday to your favorite professor? We’ve got you covered. Need a sympathy card for a professional colleague or student? We’re here for you. Want to thank an internship supervisor for an amazing experience? We’ve thought of that, too. Campus Life Greetings offers cards that help you to make a statement about your dedication and commitment to strengthening campus communities across the United States. 

So, whether you need campus thank you cards, student/staff birthday cards, sympathy cards, academic congratulatory greeting cards or general campus greetings, the Institute for Cyber Social Work and Campus Life Greetings is your premier card source for the campus community!

Ordering Information 


Institutional (colleges/universities/schools/retail stores, etc.) orders require a minimum purchase of 50 greeting cards. Each card type is packaged with a white matching envelope. Payment by institutional check, credit card or PayPal. 


Individual (non-institutional) orders can be completed in our online store. See
our store for specific details and pricing information.

Greeting Cards for the Educational Community

To find the perfect greeting card, browse our online store today.